Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Rocket without a GPS

There are very few places for a sit-down, non-fast food lunch at Canary Wharf. Plateau, despite the discouraging reviews, was fully booked; Wahaca (Mexican) is unfortunately a cuisine that I have yet to learn to appreciate; Roka on this side of London is not living the brand; The Parlour and Canteen have been bad-listed and Jamie Oliver’s Italian is, well, crap.

This brought us to Rocket. Frankly my expectations are pretty low. If my distant memory serves me rights, at some point Rocket was serving a fusion menu with the least appealing combination of ingredients. Now the menu looks even more confusing, claiming its specialty in salads, followed by seasonal grills and then pizzas? Well, I don’t have another half-hour to waddle over to Royal China.

The waitress asked if we would like to eat in the restaurant or the bar, I asked her the difference. She helpfully pointed out that “one was upstairs; the other was down”. Okay… this hunt for lunch has turned out to be much more stressful than I had anticipated. Drained before 2pm, we stayed downstairs. See their website for more useful info, if the staff can’t be arsed, neither can I.

Chopped steaks salad with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, basil, sweet corn, and palm hearts tossed in a creamy sweet bacon and mustard dressing
I didn’t bother checking if everything listed on the menu was indeed found on the plate. The dressing was on the sweet side with a tiny poke from the mustard. This salad passed with fresh crunchy veg and warm strips of steak, which were pink in the middle but lacked the beefy tang. It’s a salad, okay, I am not too fussed.

Lamb Burger served with chunky chips
Most of the leaves fell off before it reached our table, only because it was one fat burger. The lamb patty was strong, juicy and meaty with a hint of mint. Chips were hand cut and piping hot, though slightly greasy. Not bad.

Yea it was okay, perhaps a teeny bit better than the Parlour, at least the chairs were more comfortable. I might just stick to the Byron or even GBK for an easy burger though. Everything is mediocre, as if no one can be bothered, so I won’t bother coming back.

2 Churchill Place
E14 5RB
Tel: 020 3200 2022
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