Friday, 8 April 2011

Gourmet Popcorn, Gelato and Macaron

I have always been more of a Harrods girl than Selfridges, which is arguably more stylish though the former has more class. There are a few goodiesin Selfridges, however, that Harrods has yet to offer.

It does sound rather OTT that even popcorn has the word gourmet stuck on it, and frankly I cannot care less if these were air popped or the type ofcorn they used to pop. But these are so damn good!

I tried the Caramel & Espresso, Goats Cheese & Black Pepper and the Classic Caramel.

The espresso one is my favourite. Unlike the typical coffee bitterness, this one is rich and somehow creamy? And the flavour hangs around for a good while. The coating, however, is not crunchy.

Mister surprisingly likes the goats cheese pouch, one from the non-sweet range. It was very goats cheese. Classic caramel was a bit boring. Otherless ordinary flavours includes Macchiato & Whisky, Mirin, Soya & Sesame, Pepper & Chilli

Its actually cheaper to buy at the department store at £2.99 for a 90g pouch than online (£12 for 3 inc postage), and there is free tasting of the 8 flavours it offers.

Then 3 steps away is my favourite ice cream parlour in London, Oddono's. I used to be a loyal patron at Oddonos in South Kensington (Bute Street) back in my uni days. The gelato got me through the days of camping in the library.

The gelato is of the perfect consistency; soft and airy enough to be stretched, yet thick enough to be pushed and squashed for substance. Flavours are lively, intense and authentic.
Highlights include apple sorbet, pistachio, Madagascar vanilla, hazelnut, banana sorbet
All so reasonably priced at £2 for a small tub. I usually go for 2 flavours in medium size for £3. It makes Amorino in Soho a bit of a joke. For more chocolate indulgent ice cream, I think Scoop at Covent Garden does it slightly better.

To the right theres the Picasso of Macaron  Pierre Hermé

Yes they are expensive. No I am not an avid lover of macarons. But still these are rather yummy even to a non-macaron follower.

What makes them so good is the 1cm thick ganache filling with adventurous combinations, sandwiched between the two brittle shells. The flavours are inventive to say the least, with the likes of wasabi & rose, balsamic vinegar & vanilla and what not. Some work bizarrely well, others are just bizarre.


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