Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Sunny Afternoon at the London Borough Market

Who doesn’t love the Borough Market, right? It’s a concentration of the hippest and most authentic fare from people who care about food.

Monmouth Coffee
There are queues everywhere. Monmouth Coffee is no exception. There are more on the menu here compared to Prufrock at Present; it offers filtered coffee and roasted espresso varieties. I was battling between a cappuccino and flat white, and the latter won the fight as it was well pass 10am and I wouldn’t like the Italians to snigger at me. It was serving Guatemala Antigua coffee on the day.

It has a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma and a fine acidity. The milk was only just slightly foamed, retaining its density while adding extra smoothness. The essence was not as spicy and overpowering as the Square Mile blend I had previously tried, but I prefer the long-lasting subtlety of this one.

Mister went for a filtered coffee, which was freshly grounded and filtered on one of these. The coffee was much lighter bodied compared to mine, and inevitably restrained in aroma.

Roast on the Go
Kept telling myself to try a different stand but always end up helplessly joining this queue for the famous Pork Belly with Apple Bramley sauce. The shredded juicy pig with a generous wedge of pork cracking on a thin sheet of meekly sour apple jam, it’s so satisfying. The restaurant upstairs overlooking the market, however, has been earning some tepid reviews.

Real France
Their herb & garlic butter was awesome, but this milk pudding wasn’t extraordinary.

Le Marche du Quartier

I couldn’t find enough space to fit the duck confit sandwich after my sampling rounds for cheese and truffle products, but we did buy some snails as tonight’s appetiser from the French food specialist. I was delighted to have found cooked snails in cans to, maybe I can attempt the Great Heston Blumental’s snail porridge recipe… Mister can smell food poisoning on its way.

The snails were plopped in the oven for 10 mins and served on fresh baguettes. Hmmm.

These are so evil. The smell of grilled bacon spreads around the market to lure people into the queue. I think it was £4 for 3 scallops on a bed of bean sprouts, topped with chopped bacon. The scallops were plump and meaty, though not the sweetest I have had.

There is so much more for next visit: goat’s milk ice cream, bread in a pot, the chorizo bap from Brindisa, Fish! Kitchen, Applebee’s fish wrap…

8 Southwark Street

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