Friday, 20 May 2011

Chin Chin Lab: Liquid Nitro Wonder

I know I know, this ice cream joint has fallen off the hot topics’ list for over a year now. Forgive me, I simply hadn’t got round to it; I don’t frequent Camden and Mister thinks there is nothing magical about liquid Nitrogen; he works with it on a daily basis. Though I, too, graduated with a science degree *blushing with embarrassment*, I found the idea of making instant ice cream with liquid nitrogen bloody fascinating. Remember how toasting marshmallow over a Bunsen burner used to be exciting? This is a huge leap forward.

The eccentric ice cream parlour looks exactly like my high school lab; 1L beakers, conical flasks, the gigantic tank of gas and of course, the white lab coat and goggles worn by Mr Akbari-Kalhur, the genius that gave breath to this unusual laboratory. Queues were inevitable as each order comes with a magnificent display of the liquid nitrogen being poured into the mixer containing the ice cream mix, then the gas spills across the counter, taking us to science heaven (not sure if that's a place anyone would like to go).

In seconds, the liquid mix thickens to dense, stretchy and smooth ice cream. I chose grilled white chocolate and salted caramel sauce to top my tub.

Though I couldnt fault the texture, I wasnt mad about the flavours. On the day there was a choice of chocolate, vanilla and pina colada as the base flavour. I went for chocolate; it was mild, feeble and lacked the hint of bitterness. On the other hand, the grilled white chocolate chunks were uniquely gorgeous.

It wasnt just about the small tub of ice cream anyway, it was the concept, the lab and the show.

49-50 Camden Lock Place
Tel: 07885 604 284

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