Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thai Thai Heartless

Thai Thai stands out like a red palace on Old Street, spanning two shops with full length windows and the typical Thai ornaments of Buddha and carved wooden statues. The interior was less insistent on the theme, however; ceiling decorated with stained glass, large Turkish chandelier and a big red candle on a silver holder on each table, just like the ones used in chapels. Perhaps in very dim lights, the décor would somehow blend and merge, but under natural lights, it looked like the owner had lots of impulsive purchases from the Portobello Market.

Tom Yum Gai
Isn’t this soup supposed to be super spicy with a healthy squeeze of limey sting and lemongrass charm? This bowl of chicken broth with lame frozen chicken (breast) pieces and shite load of floating mushroom is, dare I say, crap.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Garlic & Pepper
Most soft shell crabs are served in a heavy seasoned batter; this looks much lighter with more crab meat and less coat. Sadly it was a bland starter. There were a few crumbs of deep fried garlic sitting on the crab, but really it needed a lot more to cover the whole thing.

Grilled River Prawns in a mild curry paste
The river prawns were perfectly grilled, bouncy and slightly charred on the edge and extremely meaty. Okay river prawns are not sweet and rather flavourless, but the curry paste made up for the flavours, which was fragrant with coconut milk and only slightly spicy. This went so well with the coconut rice. May I suggest serving 4 prawns of similar sizes though? There were two king prawns and two kid-size ones under the garnish.

Red Curry with Duck
Since I dont eat chicken breast, I tend to steer away from green curry chicken. And red curry duck rarely disappoints with a bit of pineapple. This tasted wrong. It didnt taste bad, just wrong, as in it didnt taste like a red curry. I still cant put a finger on what went wrong; I think its because the curry was somewhat salty and clashed with the sweet fruits, or they put too little curry paste in the sauce, or too much duck? Oh I dont know, it was just downright strange.

They dont even have mango sticky-rice on the dessert menu The tables, with small squares carved out so I could stare at my shoes if I wanted to, are extremely unappetising when I can see wax, dirt and dust stuck in the wells. Get rid of the crap, or the tables altogether.

I am still struggling to find good Thai in East London. And after this meal I am wondering if I will ever find a good Thai restaurant here.

110 Old Street
Tel: 0207 490 5230

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  1. Have you tried Rosa's in soho or Suda Thai in covent garden? I'm due to try both, have heard really good reviews. i love thai food!

    on another note, i went to Cay Tre (viet) in soho last night, and LOVED the food!

  2. Lemme know if any of them are good. It's a tough one with Thai in London, the 'fine dining' ones like Patara/Blue Elephant are rip offs, while others try to bring malay/thai/chinese/viet all under 1 roof...

    I used to like Addie's Thai in Earls Court and Thai Rice Fulham... too far to trek nowadays:(

    What stood out in Cay Tre? I dont think i ordered the right things last time...

  3. yep will do :)
    There are a few dishes in patara that are really good like the the oxtail soup & thai morning glory but yes it's expensive. Suchard in London bridge is good for thai food, but it's more like eat and go rather than candlelit dinner atmosphere. it's so hard to find a good thai restaurant in london! Haven't been to the ones you've mentioned, that is really far for me!

    @ Cay Tre, the grilled aubergine, cha la lot & chef's vihn beef from the mains were excellent - my fav was the chef's vihn beef. summer rolls and soft shell crab are a miss tho.. from the mains, dong du lamb curry, lu lac beef & mushroom hotpot was fantastic! I'm looking forward to going back again as there were still a lot of enticing dishes to be had! hope you enjoy it too when you visit, but sometimes it really depends on the chef & their skills you have on the day! :)