Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gelupo is not my kind of Gelato

Gelupo belongs to the same family as Bocca di Lupo just across the street. A sense of familiarity gushed over me as I saw the metallic tins of gelati hidden in the counter, just like the ones in Bologna. Ice creams, sorbets and granitas aside, Gelupo also stocks a range of Italian produce, from home-made sauces to tanks of olive oils sold by volume. Its a delicatessen with a lot of extras.

The selection of flavours is impressive; it ranges from the more conservative hazelnut and pistachio to the combos of Ricotta, Coffee & Honey.

Pistachio & Chestnut

Hazelnut, Pistachio, Bonet (chocolate with coffee, egg yolks, run, caramel, amaretti biscuits, vanilla) & Ricotta, Coffee & Honey
This is extremely airy, almost like the ones from ice cream vans, so it melted away into mushy milkshakes in minutes. Personally I prefer something more compact and denser, but this could be ideal for some.

I couldnt finish a medium size tub, because a) Id have to drink it, and b) it was far too sweet. Even for me. I didnt like any of the flavours because after the 5th spoonful they became sugar shots. No roasty fragrance in pistachio, no bittersweetness in Bonet, and worst of the lot, no hint of chestnut in chestnut. And I’m sure the staff concurs, because he said I should taste a bit of avocado in the chestnut. Eeh? What have I missed? 

In case you are not aware, my favourite gelateria is Oddonos, I tend to benchmark all other ‘authentic and ‘finest Italian ice cream parlours against it. And Gelupo has nothing on Oddono’s.

7 Archer Street
Tel: 0207 287 5555

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