Sunday, 19 February 2012

Borough Market (2)

I've decided not to do another full post on London Borough Market, it's not like I'll get to do one complete post on the best of everything anyway. But just thought I'd add a couple of things I truly enjoyed last year...

Richard Haward's Oysters
I think all the Colchester Natives sold out so we stuck to the good old wild rocks. These babies come in two sizes, and we went for both for good comparison. Big is better - the creamiest oysters I have ever had, and you can see how creamy the sac is. A meat seaball of mineral with delicate brine flavours. Whoa!!

Fish! Kitchen
Genuinely have no idea where to find the best fish & chips; my best experience had been at a random tiny store in Darlington, where the chips were fluffy like cotton balls yet moist and grainy like a well done jacky, plus a crispy case with butter aroma. Fish! does it quite well too, I had an inch-thick haddock fillet in a light batter. With a quick turnover thanks to the constant stream of customers, chips were fresh and pipping hot too.

The Posh Bangers - Blue cheese burger
While we were queuing for the Applebees fish and prawns wrap, we got too hungry and tried out a blue cheese burger next door. And it was brilliant, the juiciest I have had; my first bite was like twisting a towel that had been soaked in delicious beefy goodness, finished with a strong blow of blue cheese fragrance. I think it was eve better than the fish wrap...

The Arabica Food & Spice Co
I got hooked on baklawa since my trip to Morocco, and checked out Comptoir, the odd Turkish delicacy shops in Soho, Hazev, and even Waitrose. Arabica does the best pistachio bird nests. They are more expensive per gram in Selfridges, so I usually pick them up from South Bank or, of course, the Borough Market.

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