Sunday, 12 February 2012

Raw Milk - Hook & Son @Selfridges

I've been fed all kinds of info about the milk we buy at the supermarket; such as most natural proteins have been denatured, or killed, during the brief high heat it is exposed to. It is then injected with manufactured proteins along with vitamins and minerals. Bro says an experiment was carried out in Japan, where calves were fed with human processed cow's milk at birth, and they don't survive for longer than 2 months. Frankly I don't know anymore, sounds like everything we eat either causes cancer or it's grown from the testicles of a lab-grown chimp.

This raw milk machine at Selfridges, next to Oddono's counter, offers fresh, organic, unheated milk straight from the farm. We were treated to an introduction from the farmer himself! So we grabbed a bottle from the counter and popped a £2 coin in for some real fresh milk from the cow named Hailsham Kate...

The consistency of milk resembles semi-skimmed milk, opaque with a translucent edge. The taste, however, was fuller and more rounded than full fat milk. Flavours are softer; there is a characteristic weaning aroma that trails from each sip with more subtle sweetness.

Sold at £3.50 per Litre. Get in.

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  1. Sorry, not really a fan of raw milk. But I always make sure that my babies won't be like me because i never drink milk.