Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lucky Chip - Burger Heaven

Lucky Chip is supposed to top the London burger chart - no expectation. It was way too cold to eat outdoors in the winter months when Lucky Chip was still grilling up burgers in a truck at Netil Market, so I was relieved to hear it had temporarily pinched a spot in Sebright Arms. 

Typical English pub hosting a microbrewery ale tasting session; we got the last table but the place wasn't crammed, just a relatively young crowd chilling on a saturday afternoon. The burgers came out of the kitchen in a batch of 10; we were the second batch after placing our orders; roughly a 20-min wait.

Tom Selleck
aged beef patty, oak smoked bacon, beetroot flavoured onion ring, pineapple, cheddar & bbq sauce
Could have imagined it, but I swear I heard the melted cheese saying 'eat me, eat me.'

And this was a 10/10 burger; juicy beef, thick cut bacon, smoky fragrance and mature cheese. Meaty flavours were concentrated and powerful but not overpowering. The genius of the onion ring batter soaking up all the beef and pineapple juices, keeping each bite dripping wet and fruity sweet. The combination has been well-thought out, no sloppy lettuce or tomatoes to dilute the intense meatiness and turning it into a soggy mess, no excessive bbq sauce to render the burger a deadly sugar bomb. Everything was perfectly balanced. Invincible.

Kelly Lebrock
aged beef patty, caramelised onion, philadelphia, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar & aioli
This was a different kind of 10/10. It wasn't just another typical burger with an extra cheese spread, it was a completely different burger with yet another winning combination of flavours. Sweetness came from the caramelised onions; the sugary sweetness paired off with philadelphia, which smothered the bun. This was creamier and curvier compared to the more macho but exotic Tom Selleck. 

Fries with Wasabi Mayo & Sweet Chilli
I think crispy fries are out of fashion at the mo, I don't' remember being served a portion of crispy chips in any of these hip burger spots. I shouldn't be surprised with the orders flying out of the kitchen every 10 mins.

Still super fluffy in the middle and superb flavours, like curly fries. The wasabi mayo was very good, strong with that pungent, nose-itching punch.

How good was Lucky Chip then? Fucking brilliant. I was stuffed by the time we licked the paper plates clean, yet the only thing I could think of was trying out another burger next time. I might even splash £16 for that John Belushi of duck, veal and marrow patty with foie gras & truffle oil. Meatliquor who?

The Sebright Arms
31-35 Coate Street 
E2 9AG
Netil Market
E8 3RL
Tel: 07795 816 355
Worth checking on their FB page before setting off

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  1. Great review sounds delicious! Can't wait to go and try it out.. no chance of you returning to meat liquor then?! lol

  2. Since I can cycle my way to Lucky Chip, it's probably going to win my vote whenever I'm hit with a burger crave. But meatliquor does have central location advantage!

  3. I tried lucky chip yesterday and we share the tom selleck & bacon cheeseburger, must say i didn't think they were as good as meat liquors!

    Our tom selleck burger was overly sweet from bbq sauce and pineapple and salty too. the patties were also medium rare and turned to mush by the last few bites. we got there at 1pm, and were one of the first there, maybe we just had a bad run like you did at ML?

    1. Hmmm... I was so ready to welcome you onboard the Lucky Chip Ship! I take your point, there is always the chance of bad luck, and for joints that just churn out stacks of burgers, slip-ups happen. How about, I give ML another go and you check out LC again? deal? ;)

  4. Lol, sounds like a good deal! haha, deal!