Monday, 2 April 2012

Obika Burrata & Homemade Venison Steak

It's been another week of a strictly fish diet at an offsite. It's like state school canteen food - fish is always the safest option, because however frozen/overcooked/bland the piece, it's still swallowable when drowned in enough viscous sauce. I actually dreamt of a massive chicken leg on tues night, then a juicy hunk of rib-eye on thurs.... what have I become now? Pluto?

So I was back in town on Friday. Feeling too ugly to go out, and totally inspired by Drunk Kitchen, I decided to cook. First stop was Obika - a mozzarella bar recommended by Ana T -  nested in West Wintergarden in Canary Wharf.

Super slick with black and red, all lacquered up for the ultra chick look; maybe a bit lacking in atmosphere and ambience though. The lady at deli counter just wouldn't serve me, she'd busy herself with dicing avocado and cutting up panini, but absolutely no attention for me. Boy I must have looked too much like a tramp... In the end she reluctantly sold us some burrata and a ball of smoked mozzarella for £9. Eeek, kinda expensive for some mozzarella, no?

Here's my starter, burrata drizzled with honey served with jamon bellota and bruschetina rubbed with herbs and olive oil:
I know, it's cheating... Promise I'll try making some from scratch one day.
Burrata was exceptional, rich and creamy with soft and stretchy textures, made even better by the honey. I feel better already.

Then M&S had some seriously good looking venison leg steak with parsley butter.
This was so rare and bloody and so freaking good my eye welled up a little.

And we thought we'd give the dry-aged flat iron steak a go, oh yea, I really needed meat. 
One piece had marbling fat distribution while the other was much leaner. The cut is relatively mild in terms of meaty flavours, but with the fatter piece, each chew was popping sacs of bovine oils it made up for meat juice. Good stuff, but rib-eye is still my top choice.

All washed down with a bottle of red. Friday night at home is so satisfying... 

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