Wednesday, 30 May 2012

MEATmarket sells Juice

I've been having craving issues. Among the magnitude of things I have been craving for, food is the most easily accessible and resolvable one. By 4pm on any weekday, I'd start hallucinating a juicy smokey beef patty, smothered in melted cheese, wedged between supple buns, luring me to take a bite... Fuck's sake I need to get out more.

Remember MeatLiquor? The burger hip-house that served me a super lemon buffalo chicken burger? I thought it was more hype than good, but Mr Yianni's dedicated followers had brought him to his next project: MeatMarket - hidden above the Jubilee Market in Covent Garden. So I get to give the MEAT series another go and satisfy one of my cravings. Perfect.

Surprisingly quiet at 2pm on a sunny Saturday, just four tables occupied. Gone were the street art graffiti and crazily deafening music, the food-court fast-food style counter was decorated with light boxes of good-humour quotes, which kept us entertained while we waited for our food. Menu was much shorter than MeatLiquor and I was a little miffed about the cheeseburger not making it to this menu; LucyL highly recommended that.

Corn Puppies
American battered sausage, only ten times better. First the crunch from the perfect corn batter, then the second crunch from the brittle skin of mini-savaloys. The syrupy honey mustard sauce helped to wash some of the weight off, or put more on, depends.

Dead Hippie
The safest bet - double patties with meat juice trickling down, fuses with the softened cheese and drips onto the grease-laiden bun. Even better and juicier than what I remembered - there was so much of it each bite caused a mini squirt... finger-sucking good, for real. 

The burgers at MEAT and Lucky Chip are totally different. MEAT does traditional American-style burgers, with the ketchup, lettuce and gherkins; Lucky Chip has more modern recipes of mixing whatever might go well together, and they do it well.

Philly Cheese Steak
I was hit by a familiar smell, took me a few seconds, then I got it : stir fry whatever meat with black bean sauce! Must have been the combination of green peppers and beef, but it felt downright weird to have this flavour with a soft bun. My strange connection of the two aside, beef cubes were plenty and tender, sitting on top of a bed of melted cheese, not a bad sandwich, I just wouldn't do it again.

MeatMarket and I bonded much better than MeatLiquor did. While the food was more or less indifferent, not having that lemon-imposing-chicken burger really helped, at least my taste buds remained functional and intact. Not waiting for an hour, then eat in the dark with glaring music probably did the rest of the trick for me. Look I'm a simpleton, so keeping a burger joint simple ticks the boxes.

The Deck
Jubilee Market Hall
Tavistock Street
Covent Garden

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Square Meal

On a side note, we tried The IceCreamist for dessert. You know, the parlour that got the UK talking by selling breast milk ice cream, named Baby Gaga.

Well, at £20 a pop I didn't go for the frozen breast milk, and tried Popcorn and my new found passion, peanut butter. 

And... I've had better.

15 Maiden Lane

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  1. Yay - I am so glad to hear you enjoyed Meat Market! I've yet to go!

    Popcorn & peanut butter (along with nutella mixed in) is a combo I tried in my macarons and turned out delicious! Anything with popcorn...

    Heston's popcorn and caramel icecream at waitrose is delicious too... Cravings coming on yet? lol

    1. Beng a fan of Heston's, I haven't tried his icecream... tried his curry flavoured popcorn though. It was., um, very Heston:)

      I cycled pass MeatLiquor a couple of days ago and saw the queue, felt like directing them to MM...

  2. I finally tried Meat Market after a bad evening at Meat Liqour. Happy to say their burgers were oh-so-juicy, but didn't have that lovely smokey chargrill taste that ML does on a good day! Have since been to ML 3 times, and it seems both times we went on a saturday lunch/afternoon, everything hit the spot and the time I went in the evening, it had totally lost it's magic! So saturday lunch at ML is the way to go... lol.