Sunday, 25 November 2012

L'Eto Caffe - Rude Cakes

I didn't have anything particularly nice to say about L'Eto a year ago. We were after tea and cake yesterday and this was our closest call as the grey sky continued to piss all over London.

We waited for a 15mins or so for a table, then we were cramped at the end of a larger table and one of us had to move out of the way everytime the larger party needed to get to the till, which was every 3mins. So we moved ourselves to a more comfortable table and got yelled and barked at by the staff. He wouldn't leave us alone until we pointed out that all other parties of 3 in the room get 2 small tables pushed together! Pure rudeness.

Raspberry tart & Passionfruit tea
The tea looked quite silly and the the colours were worrying, but smelt gorgeous.

It was a good tart with rich mascarpone, not too sweet with a buttery crumbly shell.

Ricotta Cheesecake & Blueberry tea
This pot of tea looks even more poisonous than the passionfruit.

I don't like sultanas and there are plenty of sultanas mixed with the cream cheese. Interestingly it tasted very similar to the raspberry tart, only a bit coarser.

Millefeuille & macchiato
The cream was gorgeous and the berry jelly kept the weightiness off. Way too thin with the pastry though, especially in the middle. 

Frankly it was very difficult to enjoy anything they serve when the server has been so rude, from pointing us to stand at 3 different spots during the wait, to barking at us when we took a free table. So it was not surprise the 2 take-aways I bought for my brother were much nicer.

Pasteira Italian Cheesecake
This was a perfect slice of cheesecake, dense and rich with a hint of citrus. The best part is the pearl barley mixed into the cheese, adding some chew to the richness. I loved it.

Truffle bar
Not as strong and chocolatey as I expected it to be, but the nuttiness were scrumptious with nut shavings and flakes of puff pastry. I'd order this again.

In short, better than last time but absolutely no way I'd be eating in again. And I will refuse service from that barker when I pick up my next order.

L’Eto Caffe
155 Wardour Street

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