Monday, 11 February 2013

The Orange Buffalo - Wingz says wings

It was a chilly Thursday afternoon and I braved the wind to cycle up to The Old Brewery in search of the much tweeted Orange Buffalo Wings. The black tent with orange font was glowing with warmth. 

Menu was simple enough, wings with increasing craziness of spiciness. I like hot and spicy, but I have a pretty low tolerance for it, so I went for the good old original New York buffalo wings and some steak chips. 

8 originals
These buffalo wings were awesome, and as they should be, served with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing, sprinkled with chives. The sauce was as good as it gets; just enough acidity and heat to get a tinkling sensation on tongue, but easily cooled off by a generous dip in the blue cheese sauce.

The soul of these wings were in the sauce, wings were deep fried and frankly could be any wings. I would have them more plump and much more meaty if I had it my way. 

Steak chips with blue cheese dip & chive
Perfectly seasoned and generous in portion, smothered in that beautiful blue cheese.

Of course, the owners, Mike and Nick being super nice people was just an added bonus. They are proud of their product and were proud to talk about it. A quick lunch snack turned into a 90min chat before I knew it.

And if, just by the off chance, you are not into wings, get a jar of orange buffalo sauce. Smother your ribs with it, marinade your pork chops with it, coat your chicken legs with it, spread your chicken burger with it... Do whatever, but your kitchen deserves it, because your tastebuds want it!

The Old Truman Brewery
Ely's Yard
E1 6QL

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  1. I was waiting for warmer weather before I tried this, salivating now!!