Monday, 6 May 2013

Tramshed Hijacked by Cow and Chicken

Mark Hix is back in the East. I have only been to HIX in Soho and Mark's Bar. I remembered the food being very manly, traditional British dishes beautifully executed but lacked surprises. I kept telling myself to go back for a good Sunday Roast, but never really got round to it.

Then Tramshed came, with a completely stripped back menu that only offers roast chicken and steak. He really drives the point home with Damien Hirst's cow and cockerel, submerged in water, bang in the middle of the shed. The venue is impressive enough with the vaulted ceiling and lots of natural light. I wouldn't mind a tad more privacy with a bit more space from our neighbours though.

Lamb Scrumpets
This was pulled lamb meat, breaded and deep fried as little sticks. It reminded me of the pig's heads dishes, except these roughly chopped lamb carried a beautiful milky, weany flavour. Probably could do with better control on the oil temperature, as these were glistening with grease, but still a good nibble with drinks.

Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers
The yorkshire pudding was more or less the size of my head. It was baked to airy fluffiness with a crispy shell, so bits nearer the top were slightly burnt and brittle, just like how they should be done. The small pool of oil at the bottom of the pudding a little alarming though. The chicken liver cream was ultra light, perhaps a tad too light on the seasoning though.

250g Sirloin - medium

The sirloin steak was already sweating its juices, leaking its flavours when it arrived at our table. So the steak was inevitably drier than expected. It probably wasn't rested for long enough too, given it started sweating even more when we cut into it. I am not a sirloin fan and this didn't convert me; the flavours were somewhat diluted, texture was grainy - simply not my kind of steak.

250g Rib - medium rare

My rib was much more like it - no leakage. Oddly enough the centre of the steak was cooked more than the edges, it was perfectly medium rare around the side, but slightly overdone in the middle. Nonetheless, the meat was juicy, tender and faultlessly seasoned to bring out the natural bovine flavours of the steak. 

I am guessing 500g would have been the perfect thickness.

The chicken looks good. I love the comical presentation of the chicken doing a head-dive into the fries, with their claws all out. It smelt pretty tempting too, maybe next time.

Ronnie's apple pie
It was alright. I don't usually eat apple pie so I can't say if this was particularly great, I liked the vanilla cream that came with it though, packed with vanilla seeds. 

The food here at Tramshed isn't spectacular, there wasn't anything outlandishly memorable and the steak is still a fair way behind Goodman  or Hawksmoor. But it's good enough.  Most importantly it generates noise and strikes up conversation, whether it is the massive cow in the middle of the dining room, or the head-size yorkshire pudding or the diving chicken... whatever it is, It's a fun place to eat. I'd bring my friends back to share more meat next time and I reckon it'd be a Friday night well spent.

I hope Mark Hix does a Pork and Cod next...

And true to my words, I indeed brought a group of my friends back to Tramshed.

We shared 1kg of Glenarm Porterhouse & 1kg of Rib on Bone medium rare
Both cuts of steaks were beautifully cooked. Personally preferred rib on bone which I thought was more flavoursome and succulent.

Swainson House Farm Roast Chicken with wild garlic sauce and chips
Yep - served with claws up.

It was a nicely roasted chicken, I got the thigh and the meat was tender and soft, as thighs should be. I wouldn't say it was an extraordinary chicken though, definitely not great enough for me to choose chicken over steak.

32 Rivington Street
Tel: 0207 749 0478

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