Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Caravan Brunch

I love brunches, because I know for sure eggs are on the menu. Out of the selection I almost always go for poached eggs because there are comparatively harder to make at home, but occasionally I'm swayed to a very good-looking omelette or scrambled eggs. I kept telling myself to try the more exotic options, you know, the ones with an eastern European touch - never got round to it.

Caravan Kings Cross is nested in the Granary Square. With the University of Art students as neighbours and an open space with 1000 fountains, the restaurant oozes an arty vibe. Despite the spacious restaurant, there was a small queue at the door when I arrived around noon on a Saturday. Thankfully Yuk Fai was more sensible and secured us a table by arriving slightly earlier, and he spotted Jimmy Carr. 

Watermelon apple mint juice

Salt beef bubble, poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise
It looked so exciting. The 'bubble' was a ball of shredded salt beef mixed with grainy mash, deep fried in a breadcrumb shell, which softened by soaking up the hollandaise sauce.Then it got even better with the gooey yolk moisting up the mash to add silkiness. Any derivatives of the eggs benedict is pretty much fool-proof and the salt beef simply added creativity and substance. It was a delicious weekend treat.

Poaches eggs, aubergine puree, yoghurt, sumac, parsley, toast with soutsouki sausage
This was a cold breakfast. Thick slices of sausage topped a bed of aubergine puree, followed by two poached eggs and yoghurt. I sampled a forkful; the sausage was quite heavily seasoned, which was okay when neutralised with the yoghurt and the egg yolk, but it could get too much. The puree was gorgeous with the egg though, I liked the smoothness.

And I agree with what Yuk Fai, not that it's not a nice breakfast, just wasn't what he was expecting or wanted.

Chocolate brownie & Orange almond cake
Lots of hazelnut in the brownie, with a super crispy top and a rich, gooey centre. The almond cake was equally delicious with a moist, eggy sponge and a generous almond topping.

I didn't sample their coffees, because I wanted to save it for Ozone on my ride home. Yuk Fai had a latte that looked very decent though. 

There are a handful of great brunch spots in the city, and Caravan has definitely become one of my favourites. The menu looks so exciting with some bold pairing of ingredients and exotic touches - I have my eyes on their crab omelette, raclette French toast and parmesan grits. I wonder how their corn & morcilla fritters compare to Granger & Co's at Nottinghill too...

Granary Building
1 Granary Square
Tel: 0207 101 7661

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