Sunday, 1 September 2013

Elliot's Cafe - Tops the Burger League

I was done with the burger chase, until this guy pinged me a burger league. Curiosity got the better of me and I was back in the game again. His personal recommendation was Mother Flipper, which ranks 3rd on the league. I have yet to make the trip to Brockley Market and so I decided to start from the top.

After we hopped off the plane from Moscow, waiting for the train to London Bridge, Elliot's Cafe in the Borough Market was the natural choice for lunch. And after 3 days of dumplings and pancakes, my stomach was totally juiced up for a good burger.

Instead of a burger each, we settled for sharing one so we can try out other dishes. EC is proud of the bread they serve and rightly so.

Cheese burger & fried potatoes
The patty was absolutely perfect - thick and chunky, stunningly medium rare with a smooth mouth feel; just enough fat content to keep the patty glistening with meat juice, but doesn't compromise its beefy flavours. I think this even beats my favourite Patty & Bun by the thinnest margin, it's less greasy, still juicy and more meaty in terms of taste. Hmm....

Together with the smoothering of comte cheese that had a sweet finish, the toasted light, fluffy bun with a seedy bite, the brush of olive oil and caramelised onions, it makes a very fine burger. 

Crab, fennel and chilli
Plenty of crab meat mingled with crab roe and drizzled with olive oil. The crab was fresh and oozing with sweet seafood juice; umami from the roe added depth and roundness. Chilli was very subtle, which didn't bother me as I thought it was already beautiful, but Mister probably chose this because of the word 'chilli'.

The fennel salad complimented the heap of crab meat well, keeping its light and refreshing touch with its gentle pungency and a good crunch.

Venison, berries & chicory
After a 10/10 burger and a pile of fresh succulent crab meat, this dish was inevitably less exciting. Nonetheless the meat was well-cooked, paired nicely with the fruity citrus from the berries. The rest felt quite busy; the crushed nuts and crispy leaves of chicory over shadowed the smooth venison slices. It couldn't probably do with a touch more dressing and olive oil drizzle to moist it up, especially for the meat.

Does Elliot's Cafe live up to its reputation of ranking top of Burgaffair league? I have to agree. From bun to patty to toppings, everything was so perfectly put together, even the fried potatoes on the side were super fluffy with the crispiest edge. I have to admit Elliot's patty beats my beloved Patty & Bun in terms of a more balanced fat content; beats Honest burger in terms of texture; beats Lucky Chip in terms of structure. It's pretty invincible.

Unlike the other specialist burger joints, the more diversified menu and its proper restaurant setting makes it a venue for a proper meal, AND it takes reservations. It's worth noting the burger is not on the evening menu, though.

12 Stoney Street
Tel: 0207 403 7436

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