Saturday, 10 May 2014

Stripped Back Strikes Twice

 Another great meal with Chef Ben Spalding at Stripped Back. 

Last year Mary-Ann and I went to the setup at Street Feast. This time I wanted to treat Mister to this unusual dining experience. I won't be describing each course in detail, as this more or less takes the surprise element out of the menu, but in short - it's freaking brilliant. It was on a completely different level to the Stripped Back Iast year. 


The spiced popcorn with caramel with a sprinkle of pork cracking was very moreish; there was an addictive subtle smokiness aftertaste. 

A very clever contrast between the tom yum paste and the cool lettuce.

This was one of the highlights of the evening. I loved it, such a bold move with the nutella and truffle, but also beautifully balanced and delicate.

Piggy Piggy

After some beetroot granita to refresh our palate, we were offered candied pork floss and sweet cured pork belly with maple syrup. I think it was so good, I reached out for the last piece before Mister had a chance to object. Again, careful control of flavours throughout a very complex process and the result was fantastic.

Beans, Beans, Beans
Carl really played it down by calling it baked beans, but it was a lot more than that. A good mixture of lentils to give various textures and mouthfeel, mixed with a slight sweet but mostly savoury paste... hmmm...

I think this was my second favourite dish of the evening The tuna was blended into a mousse form, so light and airy but concentrated with fishy essence and a tad of fish sauce; lifted by the crunch from baby gems and toasted rice crispies. Just clever stuff.

Beef Broth
After a horseradish / wasabi granita, we had this thick, wholesome broth with a handful of bouncy noodles and veg. We were told to slurp, and boy did Mister slurp up the entire bowl.

White Chocolate
The white chocolate mousse was marshmallow-like with ginger chutney and mango cubes - a very light dessert with a safe combination of exotic fruits.


Cleanser: Goldenberry granita and grapefruit granita

Thank you Ben, Carl and Alex for a great meal. We thoroughly enjoyed it - will see you guys again at No Rules and looking forward to 2-minutes!

Stripped Back
(Varying Locations)

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