Monday, 8 December 2014

Honey & Co - That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Honey & Co is a tiny shop / restaurant on Warren Street. It's absolutely minuscule, yet it was bursting with life on a freezing wintry night. Shan recommended this little gem a while back, and I made a mental note to take Lee here. 

Decor here was minimal, bare walls and paper table cloth, and pretty poor acoustic too, so not your usual date restaurant. The tables were so cramped that it felt like we were sharing a table with our neighbours. But it had its own charm of cosiness and warmth to it. 

Luxury mezze - bread selection with olive oil / homemade pickles & kalamata olives / burnt aubergine bourekka / creamy hummus / roast pumpkin / falafel / pear and walnut salad with tahini

Ah I love it when there's too much food for the table - it excites me. I was relieved when Lee recognises a lot of the dishes and gave her nod of approval. I enjoyed all of them; the hummous really took me back to Israel, cous cous with with pistachio was refreshing; pear & walnut salad was deliciously balanced. Lee particularly liked the smokey aubergine and creamy cheese, which was addictively moreish.

Fish Pastilla

This filo parcel was beautifully baked to a delicate, flakey crispiness. It was packed with plenty of fish, and I mean a lot of fish. It had quite a strong fishy taste to it, and relatively less cream sauce than a typical fish pie, so the overall texture was quite dense and compact. Because the filo pastry was so light, it worked very well with the substantial filling.

This is a traditional Palestinian dish; chicken baked in onions, saffrons and a combination of spices wrapped in taboon bread. The meat retained its juices and soaked in the all the flavours from the spices when it was slowed cooked in the bread, so it was succulent and very flavoursome. I would, obviously, prefer thigh to breast meat, but I still enjoyed it.

Honey & Co won me over with its cosy charm. Most importantly Lee really liked it too and could relate it to what she had back in Israel. It may not have the most complicated recipes, but there was heart-felt genuineness in the cooking. Their breakfast menu also looks interesting...

25a Warren Street
Tel: 0207 388 6175