Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sweet Sorrows

Everything happens for a reason.

I’ve spent a lot of time feeling second-rate in the last few months; relationships that make you feel more alone than being alone aren’t great. To break away I thought long and hard about what makes me happy. While I still can’t put a finger on exactly what gets me smiling, I figure a change of scenery would do me good.   

At that, I’m moving on from London.

I have called London home for 18 years. Naturally I have accumulated my fair share of bric-a-brac, to which I have all kinds of emotional attachment. I’m leaving almost everything behind, with the exception of:

1) Thanks to my childhood sweetheart I have developed a habit of sending myself an unusual postcard from every place I visit. And over time I started a collection of postcards from my beloved friends – I only like the arty ones. It’s a heart-warming gesture that they have thought of you on their travels, picked out a postcard, brought your postal address, bought stamps and /or found a post office... These I take with me.

2) The delicious memories of London. It wouldn’t make sense to leave without revisiting some of the eateries that I know I will miss. Not only because they do brilliant food, but also because I’m unlikely to find anything like them in my new hood.

Flat Iron: Rhubarb & Custard donuts and cocktails in the bar before heading upstairs for some easy-going meat

Patty & Bun: We decided to have one course at each of our selected restaurants. We chose to start at Chiltern Firehouse (review to follow) then Patty n Bun for for mains, finished with La Patisserie des Reves. Still one of my favourite burger joints in town.

Lucky Chip: Oh Kelly Lebrock, how I missed thee. These guys have moved to Dalston from the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green. Shan's first and he went for El Chappo, which was freaking awesome but if only Tom Selleck was on the menu!

Smack Lobster: In addition to the usual rolls, we tried the lazy lobster too this time, chilled chunks lobster meat with lemon mayo; not as tasty as the grilled lobster but it serves well as a lazy snack. It was still empty on this weekday evening visit; on one hand I'm concerned if it will stay in business, yet I must admit the quiet intimacy in basement is quite sexy. I pray this will still be here when I come back next.

Monty's Deli @Maltby Street: Been a sucker for the reuben sandwiches here since I first tried it last year. Shame the specials were out, but hands down the best salt beef in town.

Tayyabs: Wouldn't be proper to bid London adieu without a trip to the London Institution

3) This. I plan to do justice to the name of this blog, and expand the boundaries of the culinary delights yet to come. It may no longer be London Wingz in terms of physical presence, but Wingz remains London at heart.

Unfortunately little Tofu has to stay; at least he has found a better home.

There is one person in particular that I have utmost reluctance to part from; ironically the decision to move away has brought us closer. I remain hopeful, because everything happens for a reason.

A new chapter begins.

"Parting is such Sweet Sorrow" - William Shakespeare


  1. Hi Winnie,

    I have enjoyed your exciting food reviews with excellent photography for many years and will definitely miss them. I wish you the best in the future and your relationships. What gets you smiling is (like me) delicious food! :D

    Take care


    PS: If you going back to HK then there will be an endless supply of delicious food

    1. Thank you Mark. Knowing my reviews are read gets me smiling too;) My new home is Singapore, not as good as Hong Kong on the food front (I'm biased) but it should still give me something to write about! As for relationships... ha, unlikely in Singapore.

  2. I am so sorry to hear you are leaving London, hopefully you will return!
    SG will be a new adventure and you're only a couple hrs away from HK :)

  3. It's been good so far in SG:) plenty of Asian delights! I might come back in a couple of years... Don't know. You'll have to keep your finger on the pulse for London restaurants!