Monday, 18 May 2015

PS Cafe - So Near yet So Far

Michal’s condo is 2 mins walk from where I am staying at the moment, yet it has taken us a month to meet up. Wow I’ve been here for a month already. Wow we’re busy people. Wow I’ve met a lot of people over the last few weeks. A good girly catch up over Sunday brunch is finally in order. Since Dempsey Hill is only 5mins taxi away, we thought we’d check out PS cafe.

Nested among trees and gardens with the greenhouse-façade, the vibe at PS Café oozes an unmistakably hip vibe. And there is inevitably a queue, luckily it was only a brief 20-min wait before we were seated on the patio. It wasn’t too hot to sit outside as we were in the shade with fans here and there. However I forgot I’m a mosquito-magnet… my blood must be sweet.

PS. Brunch Burger
Grilled wagyu & US Chuck patty topped with Gruyere cheese, wilted spinach, crispy smoked bacon, tomato, crispy onions, herby mayo and fried egg, on a toasted sesame bun with PS. Fries and Aioli
Despite the brunch burger craze in London, where there seemed to be a competition around who could serve up the tallest burger tower that challenged the flexibility of our jaws, this is my very first brunch burger. I was very tempted by Foxlow, but their menu had other much more exciting options than cramming a full breakfast between buns. Seeing PS Café is offering a wagyu patty here, I thought it’s worth trying.  

The patty was nicely done to a medium as requested; normally I’d ask for medium rare but if there is a high proportion of wagyu in the mix medium usually works better. Turns out there isn’t in this one. As I previously mentioned, the term “wagyu” is used very loosely nowadays, even beef with only 1% wagyu breed in the bloodline can still be branded with the name; I suspect such in this case.

I may be wrong on this, but I believe the legendary Yianni Papoutsis from MeatLiquor led the “steaming” of the patties on the grill to preserve their succulence (I may not be a MEAT franchise fan but they deserve credit for revolutionizing the burger scene in London).  PS Cafe still needs to pick up the art here as the meat was leaning on the grainy and dry side, it wasn’t sinfully parched that the cow died a meaningless death, but I have had juicier and more flavoursome burgers.

That aside I wasn’t mad about the spinach either as the whole lump came off in first bite and ruined the mouthfeel. On the plus side the patty was thick and hunky, the bacon was just done with a crispy edge, the overall bun:filling ratio was good and the chunky chips hits the spot with the slightly sweet aioli.

Cesar Salad with grilled chicken
Michal went for a salad; I didn’t try it. Oh please – I choose fries over salad even as a side dish, this is how much interest I have in rabbit food. She thought it was a good salad and the chicken was apparently tender and well-marinated. I’ll take her word for it. (#yawn)

I loved the ambience and décor at PS Café; food was average though I have yet to establish the benchmark for western food in Singapore. Regardless it was a great spot for a long overdue catch up; I can see myself coming back for lazy Sundays, sitting indoors, of course.

28B Harding Road

Singapore 249549
Tel: 9070 8782

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  1. Chips over salad for me too thanks, hehe. Meat Liquour is still my favourite burger joint =)


    1. You know how I feel about MeatLiquor....:P